A few years ago my husband Chris was having many stomach issues. Chris went through a whole battery of tests reveling nothing that could help. We both are in the medical field so we put together our knowledge of what we know and along with internet research we realized that the culprit was GLUTEN! The next problem was getting eatable gluten free foods and in SW Florida from Naples to Sarasota there wasn't a gluten free bakery.  I decided to start making the foods at home; at that time I was out of work due to a C-spine injury. After some time and many trial and errors, I decided to take my love for baking to the public.

We chose to do farmers markets because we would be able to reach more people than a store front could. Presently we are in Ft. Myers, Sanibel, Punta Gorda, North Port and Boca Grande.  It has always been my desire to help others which is why I went into the medical field in the first place. Since I could not return back to work, I am helping others in a different way through nourishment, educating and supporting them on a new way of living life gluten free and healthy.